EDITORIAL: Dreaming of a full stadium…

The stands should be full this Saturday when Villanova takes on New Hampshire in the second round of the FCS playoffs. Villanova endured its only loss of the season against New Hampshire in October, so the team is ready for a rematch. Football has held a spot as Villanova’s second-tier team for years, and students’ enthusiasm – and game attendance – have shown this to be true.

Even this year, the team’s best in a decade, students’ attitudes have been worse than the rankings should merit. The reinstatement of tailgating helped to renew Villanova’s football culture, and students should turn out to celebrate – and cheer on – the team Saturday. With last week’s women’s cross country national title, the basketball team’s jump in the rankings and football’s CAA prowess, this weekend’s game should contribute to the winning mentality that Villanova has going for it.

The team has played its heart out, now it’s time for students to show up in the droves that this season’s excitement deserves. See you at the game; we’ll be there!