MARINE: Christmas gifts for your sports fanatics

Corey Marine

With the holiday season around the corner, the struggle to think up a “considerate” and “meaningful” gift is slowly sinking in only to lead to a mad dash to the mall in search of said present (which sometimes leads to a trip to 70 different stores only to discover what you are looking for is sold out everywhere). However, there are some people who are easier to shop for. Sports fans belong in that group. Those gifts may run the shopper a pretty penny, but if money is not an issue, here is a list of the top five things you can buy the sports fan in your life – in no particular order.

Anything signed by his or her favorite athlete: Every sports fan has a favorite athlete. As long as there are sports, there will be people in awe of gifted competitors who make the game look easy. It is amazing how a man-child can captivate our attention and imaginations by showing fans all around what the human body is capable of. When one particular athlete does this on a consistent basis, he or she becomes a person’s favorite because of the child-like sense of awe he or she gives fans. That is a difficult feeling to reproduce outside of the sports world. To have something signed by an athlete of this caliber somehow makes fans feel more connected to that person. It becomes a prized possession. A signed ball, jersey, or cap is hard to come by, making receiving something like this even more special.

An authentic jersey: It is easy to tell an authentic jersey from a replica or a fake. Wearing one is different from wearing a T-shirt with your team’s logo on it. There is something about the weight and feel of an authentic jersey that adds a mesmerizing quality to it. Donning one of these is another instance where a person feels more connected to the on-field action. Somehow, wearing what the pros wear makes the average Joe feel more like an athlete. It is also awesome when you are at a game and the person whose jersey you have on makes a great play, and you get to point to the name and number on your back in support.

A sports television package: This belongs in the category of “gifts that keep on giving.” Being able to see every game no matter where the teams are from is definitely enough to satisfy any sports fan. Packages like these are especially important if a person’s favorite team is out of market, making the ability to watch their favorite team in action a rare occurrence. It is one thing to catch the highlights of a game and another to be able to yell at your television one moment and want to hug it the next. If you can afford this, do not hesitate to get it.

Courtside seats, seats directly behind home plate, seats on the 50-yard line, seats behind the glass: There is a huge difference between sitting in the upper deck and sitting courtside. The trip to the stadium or arena is drastically different if you can get a hold of the premium seats. Many of the small details that go unnoticed in the nose-bleed section come to life if you are sitting as close to the action as you can get. What you see is bigger and better. You can hear the athletes interact with each other. The game is faster when you are closer up. All these factors add up to an unforgettable experience that will be talked about for years on end.

Season tickets: Another gift that keeps giving. Watching games on television works, but there is no feeling like walking into a stadium and seeing the field or hardwood firsthand. The sights, sounds, smells and chants are amazing. Being surrounded by thousands of people all focused on the same outcome is an experience that cannot be replicated in any living room and being able to do that whenever the team is in town only amplifies it all.

Shopping for sports fans is not difficult at all (unless their team stinks and they are trying to forget about the miserable season), and gift ideas are not limited to this list. Any sports-related gift will do just fine and be greatly appreciated. Just do not wait until the last minute to avoid getting trampled at the mall.


Corey Marine is a senior communication major from New York, N.Y. He can be reached at [email protected].