Delta Gamma, Sig Ep dominate annual Skit Night



Meghan Farley

On Tuesday night, all of Lancaster Avenue witnessed a staggering line outside of Jake Nevin Field House. With basketball season over, what could warrant such student enthusiasm on a Tuesday night? Greek Week’s annual Skit Night, of course. 

Considered the pinnacle of the week, sororities and fraternities alike showed off their dancing skills for Greek victory during their seven-minute showcase.

 This year was no exception, as the music of Lady Gaga and Beyonce pumped through the packed bleachers of the Field House.  

The spirit of the night was infectious, as fraternities and sororities cheered for their own members, as well as their competitors. 

 JJ Brown, assistant director of Student Development for Media Programs, Caitlin Russell, residence hall operations manager, Nikki Hornsberry, assistant director of student development for programming, and Rev. David Cregan, O.S.A., no strangers to student life, served as judges for the night.

Pi Beta Phi began the night with their “Project Runway”-themed skit, complete with a Tim Gunn lookalike. 

The skit revolved around mannequins coming to life, helping their designers to “make it work” in the words of Gunn, who returned to the stage for the finale dance.

Delta Gamma captured the audience’s attention with their rendition of a Las Vegas show, complete with showgirls and casino employees. Inventive dance moves added to the hype of the Las Vegas theme.

Kappa Kappa Gamma took everyone to wonderland with their theme of “Kappa in Wonderland,” a play on Alice in Wonderland. The skit featured elaborate ballet costumes and dance moves to match.

 Delta Delta Delta travelled into outer space and were attacked by aliens during a ‘Delta Invasion.’   The audience joined the Deltas as they traveled through space by way of a shiny spaceship and flashy dance moves.

Alpha Delta Pi continued the fun by putting on a Wild Wild West show. Sheriffs and cowgirls danced across a stage which had an elaborate set, as the crowd clapped along to “Cotton-Eyed Joe.”

Alpha Chi Omega took everyone through the Game of Life with their “AXO for Life”-themed skit. 

Costumes and dancing styles varied as the sorority sisters journeyed through life as a member of AXO.

Alpha Phi took the audience on a cross-country road trip from Villanova to California. Props and costumes added to the journey as well.

Chi Omega wooed everyone with a combination of music and dance which contributed to their “Fame” theme. Flashy costumes completed the glitz and glam of the high-energy skit.

Finally, Kappa Delta finished the night with an Abra Kadabra skit that asked the audience, “Do you believe in magic?” 

The dance was completed by a sister discovering a human-sized rabbit appearing out of a top hat.

In addition to the sorority’s dancing, the fraternities also put on quite a show. 

Highlights included a choreographed glow in the dark skit by Lambda Chi Alpha, Sigma Phi Epsilon’s  Orchestra which danced to different sorts of classical music and Delta Tau Delta’s combination of Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga and Chris Brown.

First, second and third place were awarded to sororities and fraternities.

For the  sororities, Delta Gamma received first place for their Las Vegas theme. Alpha Chi Omega received second place, while Alpha Delta Pi and Delta Delta Delta tied for third place. 

For the fraternities, Sigma Phi Epsilon was awarded first place, Delta Tau Delta received second and Lambda Chi Alpha received third. 

Both Delta Gamma and Sigma Phi Epsilon have previously won Skit Night.